Why Should a Child Have a Bicycle

Why Should a Child Have a Bicycle?

Baby bicycles are the most favorite baby toy. This is a motor toy that creates excitement for children and helps them exercise, especially motor skills and life skills. However, not all parents are aware of the importance of letting babies learn to bike when they can afford it.

Children’s Bicycles – Children’s Favorite Toys

For children, a children’s bike is a very popular toy. Children from 2 years old and above can control the bikes themselves. At this age, babies love to be active so a bike can really meet that need.

Perhaps no child could refuse a 3-wheel, 4-wheel bike. They have a design that perfectly fits the baby’s motor skills, condition, and skills. In families with young children, it is certainly indispensable for a child to ride a bicycle.

Children’s bicycles are also a luxury toy associated with our childhood. So children are still the same. Although there are many attractive and modern toys, bicycles seem rudimentary and have a great attraction for children, helping them find joy in daily play activities.

Practice Skills for Children by Practicing Cycling

Kids’ bike is not simply a favorite toy to bring joy to the kids. They are also a means to help children exercise, practice many skills in life, suitable for their age:

Mobility skills

Cycling, the baby must exercise a comprehensive body. From the legs, hands, torso, head. All must have rhythmic coordination to control the vehicle. Especially for children who already know how to ride 2 wheels, the ability to exercise more. This is an extremely good way for children to exercise flexibility, exercise, improve health.

Observing skills

Controlling the car, turning left, right, turning, turning, going in the right lane helps children practice observation skills right from the start. Once you can control the car, the baby can easily distinguish the direction, direction, turn right.

Life skills – left

Cycling will not avoid falling, scratching. This helps the children can train endurance as well as skills to prevent danger. Further is life skills. Children can gradually understand how to move properly, how to keep the car to avoid falling pain. When falling too painful to know for help adults. Especially aware of the danger. That is the essential life skill that babies need to be trained by adults from the time they are young.

Why Should Children Cycling Early

From the age of 2, children can ride a child bike with the right type. The bike is not only a toy but also a tool for parents to teach children the necessary skills in life, especially life skills.

Judging from ourselves. Even when he was a child, he learned how to ride a bicycle even though he fell a lot, hurt a lot, but he was very excited. And through each day draw experience for yourself, overcome yourself. From cycling in the yard, then riding in the alleys, coming to school by myself. Throughout that journey, everyone trains themselves a lot of lessons learned in life and growing up.

It can be said that the bicycle has been associated with the childhood of many parents in the past. So we all realize the importance of learning to ride a bicycle for our children nowadays. It is the best way to help your child develop both physically and mentally.

Benefits When Children Practice Early Cycling

According to the survey, 9 out of 10 mothers will give their children a dependent car, and later the greater the dependence, the more obvious will be shown in the daily routines of children.

Parenting every day is a mission and also the greatest happiness and spirituality in the lives of young fathers and mothers. Try to cultivate your children a best survival instinct, the best skills and an independent mindset early. Teaching children to practice cycling is also an activity that helps them become very independent.

Besides, cycling can also help children practice balance and exercise very well, very suitable for children who are physically weak and need daily training to keep the body flexible more, healthier, and better resistance.

How to Choose a Standard Children’s Bicycle

Choose the right age car

There are many types of children bicycles: 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers, 4-wheels, bicycles with footrest … At each age, choose a suitable bike for you. From the age of 2, start with a foot bicycle, then switch to a 3-wheel, 4-wheel bike so that your baby can practice pedaling and balance. By 4 years of age, the children were able to control and balance themselves with a 2-wheel bike.

Medium size body

Depending on the height and condition of the baby that parents should choose the right size car. Younger children should choose a small, compact, light car, which helps them control easily and without effort.

Gender-appropriate designs and colors

Little girls like elegant and lovely colors like pink and red. Boys are more likely to be strong and masculine. Parents based on their interests to choose the right car. Help children enjoy learning to cycle.