Use Pillows Properly so as Not to Affect Babies

Use Pillows Properly so as Not to Affect Babies

In fact, a soft, soft pillow is the culprit that causes deformities such as flathead, face distortion, and crooked neck in infants if parents make the following mistakes.

Children under 2 years old should not lie on a pillow

Babies often have fairly soft skeletons, which are easy to deform if lying in the wrong place for a long time. According to experts, parents should not let infants lie on their knees instead of using a soft towel about 1mm in height to place under the baby’s head.

Do not use pillows for babies under 2 years of age because the backbone of a newborn is like a straight line, the head and back should be straight. But when the mother gives her baby the head pillow will make the baby have a crooked neck, the spine deformed, causing the muscle guy to have a lateral vertebral deformity. Moreover, at this stage, the baby’s neck and cartilage area are very soft, but the child is not able to lift the neck. If the pillow is too high, the neck can be bent, the throat area will be choked or more dangerous leading to suffocation.

However, this does not mean that parents should not use an infant pillow. If you choose the right size for your baby’s development stage, the mother will help children enhance sleep quality and increase body development. When there is a suitable pillow, the circulation of blood in the body is also easier, limiting blood flow to the brain or avoiding some risk of spine deformity, difficulty breathing, or crooked neck spine.

That said, choosing the right pillow plays an important role in the development of babies both physically and intellectually in the first years of life.

Instructions for choosing the right pillow for babies

Pillow material

Babies often have sensitive and soft skin so they prefer materials of natural origin, highly absorbent and do not contain toxic chemicals. Therefore, when choosing a pillow, you should prioritize the types made from clove leaves, green bean shells … In particular, these products need to be easy to wash and wash. You should often remove the pillow cover to wash as well as sun exposure to the pillow gut to limit mold, creating odors after using for a while.

However, natural materials are usually quite expensive, if you choose artificial synthetic materials, you should improve the ability to absorb moisture as well as cotton so that it is not easily moldy, unsanitary.

Guts should choose a soft but not so soft. If a hard pillow makes the baby’s skull vulnerable to being too soft, the child will be at high risk of sudden death.

Pillow size

Pillows should be just enough for the body of the child because the pillows are too wide to risk choking the baby. Furthermore, pillows that are too high or too low should not be prioritized because it can affect the respiratory system and blood circulation from the neck to the brain of the child, which makes it more difficult for children to sleep.

How to put a pillow for babies

When placing the pillow, pay close attention to the shoulder and then support the baby’s neck slightly backward at an angle of 10-15 degrees. Do not put too many pillows in a crib or on a newborn’s bed, this will increase the risk of sudden death. These pillows are too deep or the adult pillow is absolutely not to be used, even if the child is placed so that the child can not touch. This can cause a child to have difficulty breathing.