Baby Planner 101: Post Natal Services

If you’re familiar with baby planners, you know that they offer services to expectant parents as they prep for baby’s arrival: Baby Registry, Nursery Design, Personal Shopping, and Nanny Sourcing to name a few. You may not be aware that they offer a variety of help for after delivery as well.

Looking back, how I would have loved for someone to have prepared meals delivered to my door once we returned from the hospital! Or to help me get my birth announcements out! My first child was over three months old when I finally got around to sending announcements. The thing of it is that I’ve always been an organized person, but I didn?t expect to need a Master Plan just to get a shower in each day, forget finding time for a project!

Enter the baby concierge who can help parents adjust to their new “norm” by offering some direction and assistance. She has expectations of what your potential needs may be, and is ready with a list of local contacts to meet them. Baby planners can find classes or breastfeeding resources in your area, run errands, baby proof your home, teach you how to make and store your own baby food, etc. This help can be priceless to someone who doesn’t have family nearby to lend a hand or whose friends can’t offer advice because they don’t have young kids. Some baby planners are even available by phone or email for a period after the baby is born to field questions on baby products or to provide you with research on various topics like vaccinations or sleep issues.

Best of all, whether you plan ahead or the need arises suddenly, whether you need help with it all or just with say, baby proofing, a baby planner can help. Most offer set packages or the opportunity to design your own.