The National Baby Planner Association (NBPA) is an organization that supports professional consultants in the baby planning industry by setting standards, facilitating resource and tool sharing, and providing a forum for networking. Melissa Moog of Itsabelly Baby Planners(R) is the founder of NBPA and serves as President. April Beach of Sweet Pea Baby PlannersTM serves as Vice President. The formation of the NBPA helps support the growing demand for assistance and high quality service to parents in preparing for and caring for their newborn or adopted child.


Our mission is to create a professional association for baby planners who operate by a credible set of standards in the baby planning industry. Most importantly, NBPA ensures that members operate with the utmost integrity to protect the families we work with and our professional reputation.


Founder and President
Melissa Moog & Isabella

Vice President
April Beach & Sam, Jake, Tim